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    Good people,

    If you ever have any problems with mice on any of your rental properties, before you go spending $134 for the initial visit by Orkin or Terminix, and then $84 for each additional visit for them to only put those sticky traps down that may take you several months to rid you of your mice problem, I think it would be very smart for you to watch this videoclip below. It’ll save you a significant amount of money and you’ll find this does the job much quicker. The great thing about it? The Rolling Log Mouse Traps are sold online for between $20 – $25 each…..wayyyyyyy less than you would have spent for an exterminator, not only do they catch multiple mice in 1 night but as you’ll see in the videoclip below, this guy caught 11 mice in 1 night with it……….now that’s not just 2 or 3 mice, that’s 2 or 3 families of mice. All you need are the following things to put it together:

    #1. The Rolling Log Mouse Trap sold on

    #2. A 5-gallon bucket.

    #3. A drill to drill 2 holes across from each other in the bucket to stick the ends of the Rolling Log into.

    #4. Peanut butter to spread across the Rolling Log to bait the mice.

    #5. 2 planks of wood to lead the mice up onto the Rolling Log, thus leading them to their short journey to mice heaven.

    #6. Water and dish detergent to fill up the bucket for the mice to drown in. Don’t ask me the significance of putting dish detergent into the water. Apparently it helps to drown them.

    From there, just make sure to tell your tenants to "never" handle that bucket with dead mice with their bare hands. They should always wear gloves when handling that bucket and once they’ve handled it, they should throw those gloves away. From there, once they wakeup and see the dead mice in the bucket they can either flush them down the toilet, or take the bucket outside and pour them down the nearest sewer drain. Enjoy the videoclip and you’ll be thankful that you found this trap to save you hundreds of dollars you would have wasted on an exterminator.

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    Lance Thompson
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    I have also read and been told by the building manager of the building that I work in that these ultrasonic pest repellants are outstanding as well……check out this videoclip……..


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