The goal of this organization is to rid the black property owner and black property manager anywhere on planet earth of any and all limitations regarding where people of African descent can and cannot own rental property within the United States or abroad. The days of you as a black man or black woman living in any part of the U.S., calling a white property management company in another U.S. city, having them figure out by the sound of your voice on the phone that you are black and then refusing to return any more of your calls as a means of avoiding you simply because they don’t want to manage properties for any African Americans must be brought to a complete halt. It’s time out for that bullshiggity. White property managers also know that rental property ownership is the key to building wealth and while not all of them have a problem with it, some of them want to make sure that they do everything possible to never assist the black community in generating the type of wealth that can be generated through rental property ownership. So the goal of this website is to make it as “easy” to find not only a black property manager, but a GOOD black property manager in every U.S. city as it is to find a GOOD black barber or GOOD black hair stylist in every U.S. city. The ultimate goal of this website is for every U.S. city to have multiple African & African American property managers that are #1. Certified…….#2. Accredited……..& #3. Extremely good at what they do from the property management education they have gotten from this website. And if you ask me “How many millionaires do you think this organization can create?” I would say that it’s very difficult to predict. Because obviously, not all of the millionaires created out of the NABPM will be property owners. A large portion of the millionaires this organization creates will be property managers as well. The thing is this………you already know that we’re going to have black property managers in the cities where there’s a lot of “us”. It’s expected to have NABPM property managers in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Memphis, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Atlanta, St. Louis, Oakland, etc. etc. etc. etc. Building this network to cover those cities is no big accomplishment. When will the NABPM have achieved its goal? When we have black property owners and black property managers owning and managing properties in states where you hardly ever see any of “us”. States like Nebraska, Arizona, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, Iowa and states like that. That’s when the NABPM is doing some serious damage out here. Then when we start having owners in our network telling stories about how they’re buying property in Brazil, in France, in Spain, in Britain and the U.K., in Australia, in Thailand, in Malaysia or in other advanced, industrialized nations that are managed by NABPM property managers, that’s when the NABPM will have achieved its goal. Limitations on where the black property owner and black property manager can “possess the land” as the Bible tells us must be brought to a “permanent” end. Come the year 2067 I will be 98 years old and more than likely will have passed away and gone home to be with the Lord. The goal of this website is that by the time I die, for you younger people of African descent to have no memory whatsoever of what it was like “back in the day” for a black property owner to NOT be able to own rental property all over the U.S. generating enough monthly income that you NEVER have to have a job if you don’t want one. The goal is for those days to become as distant a memory as the days of Jim Crow laws……Oh you’ll have “heard stories” from your elders about it…..but you won’t be able to relate to it because it’ll be nothing that you will have ever “experienced”. Not when this website reaches its goal it won’t.