Welcome to the National Association of Black Property Managers

The cornerstone & the key of building Black Wealth in the United States and abroad

“Well how are we going to advertise this website?? How are we going to drive traffic to it??”

That’s an excellent question. We’re putting the word out about this website with these neat little bumper stickers, and from there through word of mouth. E-mail us your mailing address at info@nabpm.org to get your bumper sticker mailed to you free of charge and please place that bumper sticker anywhere on the back of your car. Once you have placed the bumper sticker on your car please text us a picture of it at (202)288-7059. Ask for more than one if you know of family members, good friends or associates who also would like to display one of our bumper stickers on their car as well.

We want African-Americans and Africans all across the U.S. displaying our bumper stickers for all to see. And let me tell you something, you’re going to have to be mighty stubborn about these bumper stickers, cause they’re not just bumper stickers…..they’re “tools of advertisement” for this website…..tools of advertisement for your property management businesses…tools of advertisement for all NABPM property managers. When somebody takes a bumper sticker from you but fails to put it on their car, they’re taking money out of your bank account and therefore taking food off of your table.

That bumper sticker does you absolutely no good sitting on your friend or relative’s kitchen table, or on their dresser drawer. So don’t just take people at their word when they say they’re going to put one of our bumper stickers on their car. People promise all kinds of things and never follow through. What you do is you go outside and put that NABPM bumper sticker on the back of their car for them. Whether they be your spouse, your son or daughter, your cousin, your aunt, your uncle or your grandparent, you’re going to have to be ultra tough, ultra stubborn and ultra adamant about these bumper stickers. And for the undependable ones that you give in a little to and trust them to do what they promised, if you give them one, but you see that they let you down next time you’re over their house a week or a month later when you stumble across that NABPM bumper sticker you gave them sitting there on the kitchen table, don’t get angry……..don’t get angry at all………just take it back and take it with you when you leave and promise yourself that you’re going to give it to somebody else…….somebody else that will allow you to put the sticker on their car for them. What you need and what this organization needs is for all bumper stickers to be on the back of a car that gets put to use. Not a car that sits in a front yard for 2 or 3 years and never moves. It needs to be on a car that gets driven all over town and is out there in circulation for our bumper sticker to be seen. That’s what we all need. Oh and be advised that I know some of you may look at them and say “Those are some really Plain Jane bumper stickers. No pizzazz to them at all.” Well actually I would agree with you 100%. Some of you who have more creative ideas about how to design bumper stickers, feel free to throw those ideas out there on our NABPM message-board for discussion. I am not at all opposed to redesigning them to make them more attractive to a casual passer-by.


The bumper stickers are something that you’re going to have a lot of fun with. When you’re out and about in your local city and you pull up and park anywhere around town, when other black people ask you “The National Association of Black Property Managers. What’s that?” you can immediately start spitting knowledge to them regarding what this organization is about and what it stands for. You just tell them “Oh the National Association of Black Property Managers is the cornerstone and the key to building black wealth in the United States and across the globe. It’s an organization whose goal is to rid the black property owner and black property manager of any and all limitations regarding where black people can own and rent property. Go check out the website if you’re interested to know more.”