What you as a property manager need to know about our property management rating system (please click on this sentence)

To all of our property managers please be advised that our NABPM rating system serves a huge purpose. It is the only way that we can build and foster trust between property owners and property managers. The NABPM will be the cornerstone and the key of building black wealth in these here United States of America as well as abroad, and make no mistake about it, the army of black property managers from this website will be the conduits, gatekeepers, defenders and protectors of that black wealth.

To our property owners, the rating system works best when you give a property manager a minimum of at least 6-9 months of managing your property or properties before you rate them. So understand that, unless they show themselves to just be a terrible manager within the first 3-9 months, you may actually want to give them 6 – 18 months before you rate a manager. This rating process is a “long-term” one. In many cases it’ll take at least that long before you really know how outstanding, how average, or how terrible a property manager really is. Give them some time before you heavily celebrate, assess them as average, or heavily criticize their work. Also, as a property owner, I have always found it best to let the property manager have the necessary space and freedom to do their job. It’s never good to be a meddlesome owner who goes around your property manager’s back and talks to or directly deals with the tenant. That’s a no-no…………only in the most extreme cases should you do that. Also for our property owners…….yes, we have this rating system for property managers, but property managers have their own “internal” rating system for property owners as well. The same way property owners “talk” to each other, property managers “talk” to each other too. It goes both ways. If you’re a difficult owner to deal with, word is going to get out about you as well and property managers are going to be very reluctant to want to work with you. So just be advised that this is a “working partnership” and you want to always strive to be a “pleasable” owner. If they’re paying you your money when they get it from the tenant, if they’re not eating your profit up 12 months out of the year with constant repair expenses every month, if they’re consistent at taking non-paying, bad tenants to court & evicting them, if they’re sending you your monthly property income & expense statements, and if the upkeep of the property is pretty good, don’t nit-pick, complain about and over-scrutinize every small, little detail. Property managers don’t just need property owners………property owners also need property managers. It’s a 2-way street. Always keep that in mind. Also……….once we’ve built our community of property managers up to a sizeable number, you may want to allow property managers to “prove” that they deserve to have you expand the number of properties you have them manage. Like for example, if you’ve got 10 properties in say Columbus, Ohio…………and you’ve got 3 NABPM managers that you find in our directory located in that city to choose from, you’ll probably be better off giving 3 houses to one to manage, 3 houses to another one to manage, and 4 houses to another one to manage. Why? That way you can let “the best one” sort of reveal themself. It’s probably going to be ill-advised to just give all 10 houses to one property manager off the rip……….unless of course that property manager has achieved a very high rating from several of our owners. You’ll probably be better off just sort of “easing” them in with a few properties at a time, and then just wait and see how well they perform before you give them all of your properties in that city.

Be advised that only property owners can rate property managers. Also, just know that property managers who earn the highest NABPM ratings will be given more properties to manage as well as the small & large apartment complexes to manage. The property managers who score a 3.8 or higher will be considered pretty elite property managers. Those who score about a 4 to a 5 will be considered the best of the best. Managers at that level will be what are referred to as “The Truth”. When property owners get to talking among themselves about managers who have scored that high we’ll be saying to each other “Now that Cat ain’t nothing but The Truth. He’s the best property manager I’ve ever worked with. My properties in Chicago are performing extremely well because of him.” or “Now that woman ain’t nothing but The Truth. She’s the best property manager I’ve ever worked with. My properties in Houston are performing extremely well because of her.” Those who score that high will have more and more NABPM property owners asking you to take on managing properties that they have in other cities. As you collect rent every month, after you’ve taken your 10%, which is the standard rate, and given the rest to the owner, you’ll begin to see and understand that once you’ve accumulated 50, 150, 250, 400, 700, 1,000 properties or more to manage that property management is a profession can launch you to a level of wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

You’ll always be rated fairly by our property owners, but you’ll always be rated honestly too. An outstanding rating from the NABPM will be the highest honor bestowed upon you as a black property manager. Just understand that it will not be given……………it will be earned.