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    That’s the ultimate goal of this website….to build a new society within Black America as well as across the Entire Planet that is all about land ownership and property management in the U.S., in Africa, in Latin America, in the Caribbean, anywhere where there are large populations of people of African descent and the prosperity that those 2 things will bring to our Worldwide community. Will it “end” racism? Not by a long shot…..but it has a very lofty goal of providing the money for millions of black families across this globe that will help change the lifestyle and life circumstances of millions of black families, as well as send millions of young African Americans and Africans to the best colleges and universities all over the World.

    I love the story that Tony Brown of Tony Brown’s Journal used to tell during the 1980’s about how back during the 1950’s there used to be a sign on Miami Beach that read “No dogs or Jews allowed”………………………………….

    The Jews bought the beach.

    Isn’t it ironic how all of those signs on Miami Beach disappeared right after that purchase was completed?? Back during the 1800’s Miami was so Anti-Semitic that Miami landlords and business owners regularly posted “Gentiles only” signs on their properties. Back during the 1930s there was a sign in a Miami hotel that read “Always a view, never a Jew”. And it was back during the 1950s when the Jewish Community pooled their money together and basically “bought Miami”…..By the 1970s Miami had transformed into a Mini Israel…synagogues and yeshivas all over the City. Today Miami is RUN by the Jewish Community, ya dig?? They RUN Miami!!…..New York City??….The same thing!!….The same thing!!…Well minus the heavy discrimination stories. But have you ever heard the old saying they used to have about New York City back during the 1940s??…..”The Jews own it….the Italians run it…the Niggers enjoy it…..”

    Well Black People across the Globe simply has to develop the exact same kind of attitude that the Jewish Community in the U.S. and in Israel has always had. The fields of property management, realtors, banking and lending, tv, radio, movies, diamond, gold and precious metal and jewels buying, selling and trading, law, Wall Street investment firms, and several others are Jewish run in a substantial number of cases. Some of you may say “Well Lance, how do you know that??” Always check the last name of who you’re dealing with in those professions. Whenever you see the following last names or last names that end with the following you know right then and there that they are either Jewish, or one of their parents practiced the Judaism religion:

    Cohen…….ever heard of Lyor Cohen, the record executive that together with Kevin Lyles helped Russell Simmons build Def Jam Records into a hip hop powerhouse and who also was deeply deeply instrumental in signing Jay-Z to Def Jam back during the 1990’s?? Not only is he Jewish but his parents emigrated to the U.S. from Israel… doesn’t get any more Jewish than that.

    Falk……remember Michael Jordan’s agent when he was playing for the Chicago Bulls named David Falk?

    Not any last name that ends in “man” but just about any name that ends in “man”……..Bergman, Adelman, Silverman, Friedman, Briskman, Bauman, Eisman, Goldman…….Ever heard of Wegmans Food Market?……….Ever heard of Julian Edelman, the wide receiver for the New England Patriots?……..Pay attention to baseball?? Who is the Houston Astros 3rd Baseman??……Alex Bregman. What’s the name of the Jewish co-host on the ESPN Sports talkshow Keyshawn, JWill & Max??……Max Kellerman. Remember the late night tv show host David Letterman? Ever heard of Ackerman Security Systems? Quite a few of you have seen the movie Marshall starring the recently deceased African American actor Chadwick Boseman who played deceased African American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall right? In the movie, what was the name of Thurgood Marshall’s Jewish co-counsel in the case of the State of Connecticut vs. Joseph Spell?……Sam Friedman……And don’t get it twisted up, even though Chadwick’s last name ends in “man” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Jewish man or woman whose last name began with “Bose”……”Rose” YES, but never Bose…..If anybody’s ever dealt with a Jewish man or woman whose name began with Bose feel free to let me know…..It’s gotta be extremely rare.

    Just about any last name beginning or ending in Gold or Silver…..Goldberg, Goldstein, Goldman, Feingold, Silverman, Silverstein and what’s the name of the NBA’s Commissioner who just so happens to be Jewish?……Adam Silver.

    Any last name that either begins or ends in “stein”………Lowenstein, Adelstein, Bernstein, Rubinstein, Bronstein, Finkelstein, Rothstein, Hammerstein, Goldstein, Silverstein, Weinstein, Einstein. Remember the longtime deceased owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner?

    Any last name that ends in “thal”………Rosenthal, Lowenthal, Blumenthal.

    Any last name that ends in “berg”……Weisenberg, Rosenberg, Honigberg, Annenberg, Kronenberg, Sternberg, Vainberg……ever heard of Bloomberg business channel founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg? Ever heard of movie film director Stephen Spielberg? Yep…..Bloomberg & Spielberg are both Jewish.

    Any last name that ends in “witz”…….Horowitz, Moskowitz, Liebowitz, Wolfowitz.

    Any last name that ends in “feld”…….Lagerfeld cologne, Rosenfeld, Sonnenfeld, Weinfeld. Remember Jerry Seinfeld, the standup comedian who had the show Seinfeld that was on tv for many years?


    Just about any last name that begins or ends with Baum or the name Baum by itself…..Remember in the movie Scarface when Tony & Manny couldn’t get the rates they wanted from the Banker in order to launder their money and Manny said “We should talk to this Jewish guy Seidelbaum…..Okay? He’s got his own exchange….he charges 4% at the most…..and he’s connected….”


    Caan – Remember James Caan who played Santino Corleone in The Godfather that passed away a year ago? That’s right…..He wasn’t Italian, he was Jewish.

    Cantor……ever heard of Cantor – Fitzgerald Wall Street Firm?

    Roth……Remember Hyman Roth from the movie Godfather II?…….Ever heard of the Roth IRA?




    Remember The Beastie Boys hip hop group from the 1980s?? Black people used to always sit there when I was coming up “That’s a White rap group!!……”…..Actually they were a Jewish rap group….Yep….the 3 of them all grew up attending the same Yeshiva in NYC if I’m not mistaken…..Look at the names….Michael Diamond, which I didn’t even realize was a Jewish last name but according to research on Google, Diamond is Jewish (Ashkenazic) and is the Americanized form of a Jewish surname derived Yiddish dime(n)t. Apparently Diamond is mostly ornamental, one of the many Ashkenazic surnames based on mineral names, though in some cases it may have been adopted by a jeweler…..the other 2 band members have names that are obviously Hebrew….Adam Yauch and Adam Horovitz…..When you go by their appearance and their stage names of MCA, Ad Rock and Mike D. it threw a lot of people who didn’t know their real names “off” back in the 80s and made a lot of people assume that they were White.

    Just Google “Jewish last names” and click on the links that come up and read through those hundreds of Jewish last names to help familiarize yourself with them. You’ll find that very informative and helpful in recognizing when you’re dealing with someone who is Jewish in the real estate industry as well as in any other industry. Also, if it’s a man who has a yamakah on his head, which is the little Jewish religious cap, or if you hear a woman or man say that they are giving their son his “barmitzvah” sometime soon, a Jewish boy’s rite of passage celebration from boyhood to manhood when they turn 13 I think, or that their child attends Yeshiva, which is an orthodox Jewish elementary or secondary school, those too are dead giveaways that you’re dealing with a Jewish businessman or businesswoman or a Jewish family.

    You really want to be tripped out?? Next time you’re watching any old movie like The Godfather or Casino or Saving Private Ryan or Rounders or Munich or Good Fellas or Road To Perdition or There Will Be Blood or any of the Star Wars or Alien or Terminator movies or something like that on DVD?? Go the end of that movie and then watch the credits roll down the screen at the end of the movie with all the names of the movie participants, and see how many last names of people who either starred in the movie or worked on the film as the director, as a cameraman, as an extra, as producers, as executive producers, as those in charge of lighting, as the script supervisor, as the cinematographer, as the sound mixer, as the props master, as the costume designer, or in any other role in the film whose last names end in any way similar to the ones I just outlined above. And to see just a plethora of last names like that, watch the credits for any holocaust film or any movie about Israel…..go over the last names of the people who participated in the movie Munich. Then you’ll see what I’m talking about. The Jewish community RUNS Hollywood……… hear me?? RUNS Hollywood. They run Hollywood, they run Wall Street, which you will see when you watch the last names of people being interviewed on CNBC or on Bloomberg, they run the law profession which you will see when you pay attention to the last names of the partners of the big law firms, and they definitely run real estate, from real estate investing companies to property management firms to numerous realtors across the country to numerous bank lenders to numerous real estate brokers. And this is not to knock them or to sound anti-semitic in any way, shape or form. In fact, I admire what they’ve done.

    Needless to say, you might not see as many of those kinds of last names at the end of a Spike Lee film, but that’s a whole other Oprah Winfrey show. Ha!!! Â đŸ™‚

    All I’m saying is that it’s time for Black America to make our own mark in the field of property management the same way that they have. It’s not time to “hate” on the Jewish community, it’s time to be inspired by them and duplicate what they have done.

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    Lance Thompson
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    Yeah just want to add one final thought on this one…….let’s just keep it real, the Asian community is the only community better than the Jewish community at keeping their money in their own community.

    A Jewish co-worker of mine and I were having a conversation about it probably about 20 years ago and he said something that I’ve never forgotten regarding something that the Jewish Community does on a regular basis that the Black Community should “also” do. He said “Man I’ve attended more than 1 Black Church and it never ceases to amaze me regarding all of the power that the Black Church has that it never uses.”….I said “Well what do you mean?”……He replied “Well you do agree that the Jewish Community has a lot of money and a lot of successful businesses right?”….I said “Yeah, I’ll grant you that.”…..He went on to ask me “Well what do you think is the central location where a lot of the business deals in our community originate and come to fruition?”…..I said “I don’t know…..tell me?”……He said “At the Synagogue… the Jewish House of Worship.”…..He then said “I’ve attended several Black Churches on several occasions with good friends of mine and nearly every time I’ve gone to one, conducting business inside of the Church is always strongly discouraged. That always baffles me!”…..He then asked me this question…..”If you’re a Christian businessman or businesswoman, wouldn’t you want to do business with other Christians? Doesn’t it make sense to conduct business with other people who believe what you believe and who worship as you worship??”

    He ended the conversation by saying “If your community is ever going to advance itself economically it will HAVE TO come through business & investing ideas being formulated and brought to fruition right there inside the Black Church. The Black Church is the U.S.’s most powerful black organization and that particular organization will have to become the center of black business, the same way that the Synagogue has become the center of Jewish business”. I said “So your rabbis allow that to take place in the Synagogues?”……He replied “Not only do many of them encourage it, many of them mandate that business be conducted in the synagogue. Also, many synagogues have credit unions or banks ready to extend business loans to businesspeople who attend that particular synagogue looking to form a startup or to invest in real estate”.

    I’ve never forgotten that conversation.

    Can you dig it Black America?

    And you want to know something else? With as many people of African descent who now worship Allah in the U.S., the Black Mosque has to be added to that equation as well. All Black Houses of Worship should become centers for the conduct of black business. We’ve just got to come up with systems that are put in place to keep those black businesspeople HONEST the same way that this website intends to. A website for each House of Worship that “grades” the black businesses run by business owners & investors that attend that House of Worship is an excellent idea if you ask me. It cost me right around $5K to get this website built so it’s something that is easily afforded by many Houses of Worship out there.

    Something for all of our Black Pastors, Reverends, Deacons, Bishops, Priests, Imams and church boards to think about and discuss.

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    Lance Thompson
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    Lance Thompson
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    Lance Thompson
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    Now don’t get me wrong because as I’ve said many times, we will ALWAYS have Black people on both sides of the political aisle and this website will never show any bias for or against either political Party. To me? That’s just stupid. Members of both political parties will never ever ever be belittled, berated or inuslted for supporting any political Party on this site. So I couldn’t care less who Ye votes for. My main concern is that when going off on a tangent regarding the Jewish Owned Media that he simply goes on these rants that not only provide “no balance” but are filled with inaccuracies.

    The main thing we’re looking for is “balance” and “accuracy” regarding the history of the Black/Jewish relationship and for a more balanced point of view?? Listen to Russell Simmons – Founder of Def Jam Records, Def Comedy Jam Comedy Show & Phat Farm Clothing Line……The Man who discovered Public Enemy, Run-DMC, The Beastie Boys, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince (Will Smith), LL Cool J and many others……..Pay attention to Uncle Russ y’all. He’ll provide you with an accurate perspective…..Oh and 1 last thing for all my young folks not up on historical acronyms……When Russell refers to WASPs?? He’s referring to White Anglo-Saxon Protestants…..Your traditional American white people which Jewish people are not……

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