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    Good people,

    If you reside in the United States and hold any crypto on Binance……(and most people who have crypto holdings hold at least SOME crypto on Binance) please be advised that via U.S. Federal Government orders Binance is switching ALL U.S. residents over to their new website called Binance.US………

    And be warned that they’re going to KNOW if you reside in the U.S. based on your I.P. address. There’s no "escaping" their detection methods. Binance has sent out a message to the General Public that if you are a U.S. resident you have 90 days from the date of November 9th, 2020 to switch all of your crypto holdings over to their new website. If you fail to move your holdings to the new website by 2/9/2021 YOU LOSE IT!!!!………ALL OF IT!!!!

    So procrastinate NOT on this…..It has been thrown out there to the crypto community that you should have all of your holdings on Binance switched over to the new website no later than 12/31/20…….Get on it because their "verification process" of you having to upload a copy of a utility bill AND having to upload a picture I.D. is a pain in the lower digestive tract.

    Make it happen…………….


    Lance T.

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    Lance Thompson
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    Okay Good People,

    Wanted to update you guys on what's been happening in the effort to shift all of my crypto on Binance over to Binance.US……Well as it turns out the particular cryptos that I own are listed on Binance but NOT listed on Binance.US because Binance.US is "a U.S. regulated crypto exchange" as their customer service rep explained to me……Needless to say a brother was about to "s–t a Blue Goose" as my Mother used to say because I thought I had NO options and was about to lose all of my crypto. Well the guy in customer service calmed me down when he e-mailed me back to explain that that there are many "personal crypto wallets that you can download and shift all of your crypto assets into"……Whew!!!…..I was about to fly through that computer screen!!! Here's what he told me……He said you have 2 options for storage wallets……………..

    #1. There's the "hot wallets" which are the crypto storage pieces of software that maintain a constant connection to the Internet.


    #2. There's the "cold wallets" that are hardware devices that store your crypto OFFLINE……Needless to say the cold wallets are considered the safest option because they're ALWAYS OFFLINE which makes them UNHACKABLE…..So there's no chance for anybody to ever steal your s–t, ya dig??


    I'm already shopping for some cold wallet hardware devices online and from what I've seen the most expensive one I've found so far is only going for $170……there are many brands of them that are priced significantly less.


    While I'm quite sure there are some outstanding downloadable Hot Wallets out there…..Cold wallets…..that's the storage move for me good people. The biggest issue that I have seen with the cold wallet hardware is that you have to “make sure” that it’s a device that stores the particular crypto you own. So shop very carefully and “read the fine print” on the one you decide to buy.

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    Lance Thompson
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    Just fyi y'all,

    Thankfully I was able to switch all of my crypto on Binance out of my wallet on there about 5 days ago and into a hardware cold wallet called Ledger Nano X which is considered  very good cold wallet. Well I just logged onto Binance about an hour ago and they issued me a notice upon logging in that they noticed that I was logging in from a U.S. I.P. and that as of 14 days from now they will no longer be servicing U.S. users.

    By my calculation everybody has until January 5th to get all of your crypto out of Binance and into a wallet on Kraken, Binance/U.S. or Coinbase or YOU LOSE ALL OF YOUR CRYPTO on that website.

    Looking for an outstanding cold wallet? Checkout Ledger Nano X which you can order online and will ship to you within a couple of days………………….


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