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    Good people,

    As we build the NABPM one of the things to always keep at the forefront of your mind is that “over time” one of the main goals is for the NABPM to build partnerships with Black Owned Banks across the U.S. We’ll partner with Black Owned Credit Unions as well, just be advised that most credit unions will only do loans for owner-occupied properties and not for rental properties. ALWAYS ASK credit unions if they do loans for rental properties and even though you expect them to say “No”, always ask them anyway and see what they say. But as you’re out here buying more and more rental property you always want to be talking to loan officers at Black Owned banks and let them know that the NABPM would LOVE to send them more business and that if they’re open to talking to us, we definitely would love to talk to them. Here’s the list of 38 Black Owned banks & credit unions across the U.S. Be on the lookout for the ones in your local city and/or state and make NO HESITATION to go over to their branch and have a sitdown with one of their loan officers…………….


    1. Omega Psi Phi Credit Union – Lawrenceville, Georgia
    2. Phi Beta Sigma Federal Credit Union – Washington, DC
    3. One United Bank – Los Angeles, California
    4. FAMU Federal Credit Union – Tallahassee, Florida
    5. Credit Union of Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia
    6. North Milwaukee State Bank – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    7. Seaway Bank – Chicago, Illinois
    8. The Harbor Bank- Baltimore, Maryland
    9. Liberty Bank – New Orleans, Louisiana
    10. United Bank of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, Penn
    11. Alamerica Bank – Birmingham, Alabama
    12. Broadway Federal Bank – Los Angeles, California
    13. Carver State Bank – Savannah, Georgia
    14. Capital City Bank – Atlanta, Georgia
    15. Citizens Trust Bank – Atlanta, Georgia
    16. City National Bank – Newark, New Jersey
    17. Commonwealth National Bank – Mobile, Alabama
    18. Industrial Bank – Washington D.C.
    19. First Tuskegee Bank – Tuskegee, Alabama
    20. Mechanics & Farmers Bank – Durham, North Carolina
    21. First Independence Bank – Detroit, Michigan
    22. First State Bank – Danville, Virginia
    23. Illinois Service Federal – Chicago, Illinois
    24. Unity National Bank – Houston, Texas
    25. Carver Federal Savings Bank – New York, New York
    26. OneUnited Bank – Miami, Florida
    27. OneUnited Bank – Boston, Massachusetts
    28. Tri-State Bank – Memphis, Tennesse
    29. Citizens Bank – Nashville, Tennessee
    30. South Carolina Community Bank – Columbia, South Carolina
    31. Columbia Savings and Loan – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    32. Liberty Bank – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    33. Liberty Bank – Kansas City, Missouri
    34. Citizen Trust Bank – Birmingham, Alabama
    35. Liberty Bank – Chicago, Illinois
    36. Liberty Bank – Jackson, Mississippi
    37. Toledo Urban Credit Union – Toledo, Ohio
    38. Hill District Credit Union – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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    Extremely big news Black people………………………………


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    Absolutely love what Atlanta rapper Killer Mike is doing with the Greenwood Bank…………………….



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