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    Good people,

    Here’s a message just to get you in the right mindset as a property owner or as a "future" property owner……not that I consider him any kind of positive role-model for any of us but the deceased rapper Eazy-E once said that "All publicity is GOOD publicity"……there’s a lot of truth to that……a wise investor also once said that "Nothing can have a positive effect on an asset that you own more than public comments about either the asset itself or about the area where the asset is located coming from a sitting U.S. President….whether the comments be positive OR negative. When it’s a President currently in office people tune-in to what he’s saying and that carries value."

    President Trump sent out his negative tweets attacking African American Congressman Elijah Cummings and the City of Baltimore back on July 27th, 2019 and black people all across the country (me included) cringed with anger and just shook our heads…..there was a major uproar over that and Victor Blackwell of CNN even broke into tears on the air crying over Trump’s negative comments later that day….(you know Baltimore is Victor’s hometown…..born & raised)…..everybody s–t bricks over the terrible things he said…..Well don’t look now but as I’ve stated on here before I have my rental property in Baltimore…..Now over the last 14 years since I bought the property in 2005 I’ve NEVER received any offers to buy the property……Since July 27th I’ve received 3 text messages with offers to buy it OUT OF THE BLUE…..these investors have somehow gotten ahold of my cell phone # and I’m STILL wondering how they even got it… on Tuesday I just received my 3rd offer for the house.

    There’s no coincidence to that…..this is all because of Trump running his big, fat mouth followed by his visit to Baltimore where he got booed something terrible back in September. And the thing I want you all to always have in the back of your mind is that you never know how comments from a President can affect an asset that you own. What my guess is is that now Baltimore has to put some SERIOUS WORK and money into improving the conditions of its City and investors are acutely aware of that. I have also read about some partnering intitiatives between the federal government & Baltimore that Trump announced when he was there back in September.

    Always remember brothers & sisters, sometimes Trump shooting off at the mouth can be a GOOD thing… matter how MAD it makes you.

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    Lance Thompson
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    ………..also, some of you people may have the question "So what you gonna do Bruh??…..You gonna sell or what??"……….Well….in his book Real Estate Riches, Dr. Dolf de Roos says that you are absolutely INSANE to sell a property when it first goes into higher demand like that…..the increase of the property's value will automatically make it so that you can charge higher rent so in his book he asks the question "Why are you selling it???……Why are you selling it???"

    More than likely I'll hang on to it for at least another 6 – 11 years……..Somewhere around 2025 to 2030 I may consider selling it……..

    With all 3 of these text messages I've replied back to those investors and said "I would only be interested in selling if you step forward with an offer that floors me. How much is it worth to you??"……they were all investors so with them trying to get a property at the lowest price possible they all wanted to lowball me……As far as I'm concerned now isn't the time. I'll just continue renting it.

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