Now once you get your course requirements out of the way, WikiHow says that there are 3 methods you can use to become a property manager:




Gaining Education & Experience

#1) Expand your knowledge base. High school curriculum is not generally designed for specific careers such as property management. Based on your performance and grades in high school, consider whether community college or a  


Becoming A Property Manager For Others

#1) Get your resume out there. Before you have the necessary capital, connections, and experience to invest in your own properties, you need to work in an entry-level job. You will benefit from this by having a supervisor mentor, a steady income, and gaining experience in a variety of property management tasks. There are a few paths to take for finding an entry level job.

Managing Your Own Properties

#1) Get experience managing others’ properties. An education and the right amount of money are not all the ingredients of a successful property manager. You should get a feel for the everyday life of a property manager by working as one for someone else. This will also expand your network of colleagues in the industry. The more you prepare for your career, the smaller the learning curve later on.

#7) Keep up maintenance on your properties. The best property manager is the one that prevents future problems with regular maintenance. You should also be responsive to your tenants’ maintenance requests. Being prompt and courteous is a great way to keep quality renters in your properties. Keeping your properties maintained will also enable you to find quality renters when someone moves out or is evicted.

So this concludes the 3 methods that WikiHow teaches that you can use to become a property manager, and also how to be a good property manager. If you’re just starting out you’re going to need to come up with a standard lease for tenants and you’re going to need to come up with a standard contract for your property owners coming on board as clients. Here’s a good way to come up with a standard lease for tenants, at least in your local city. Got any relatives that are currently renting an apartment or house? Tell them to give you their lease for a quick sec. Take it to Fedex Kinkos and make a copy of it. Replace the name of the property management company on the lease with your own name or the name of your prop mgmt company. Bam! There’s your 1st standard lease.