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Lance Thompson
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2 huge bills headed to the House and/or Senate floors for debate, amendment and eventually a vote…………………………


#1. The Technology for the 21st Century Act




#2. The Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act


Is SEC Chairman Gary Gensler really shaking in his boots over these bills?? Possiby. I’m thinking the Ripple lawsuit loss was a big embarrassment more than anything seeing as the Government wins about 98% of the lawsuits they bring and the Ripple lawsuit falls under that 2% of cases that they lose. So I’m thinking he probably is ready to get this agenda off of his plate so he can get back to much more important things and sort of push this to the background so he can stop having to go on TV and talk about it. I believe he wants this issue “handled” so he can disappear back into obscurity.


Regarding those 2 acts?? If you’re for them?? Wouldn’t hurt to call your local Congressman and Senator to express your support. The only real obstacle to them passing at the moment??…………….August Recess…………..Congress and the Senate go back Home on vacation for a month beginning on next Tuesday the 1st so I imagine they’ll take up the discussion on this just after Labor Day right around the start of the NFL season.