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Many of you smell it……I smell it……We all smell it……..Crypto appears to be on the verge of a massive bullrun. And that’s exactly why I’m sending out this video, to help us all remain grounded and realistic. What do I think is responsible for the bullrun?? Your guess is as good as mine but I think that it’s probably a multitude of issues……The Economy and the monthly jobs reports are are doing “better than expected”, while it’s not crashing back down, inflation is coming back down to Earth month-to-month which means what?? That the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates “slower” and will eventually begin lowering them which will be a major plus for crypto. But here’s one thing I’ve only heard mentioned by a few market pundits. I think the arrest and extradition of Sam Bankman-Fried back to the U.S. combined with the FTX debacle not causing Congress and the SEC to pass too many “aggressively restrictive laws” as a reaction did a lot to restore confidence to the crypto market.

Probably a combination of everything mentioned. But have no illusions……2023 is about to be a special year for cryptocurrency Good People…………………