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Think that even Stevie Wonder saw that Bahamian authorities arresting Sam Bankman-Fried and turning him over to U.S. Law Enforcement was just a matter of time. The U.S. is simply too big of an ally/trading partner with the Bahamas for them to be able to resist what President Biden was willing to offer (I’m betting). SBF’s bank account was down to $100k according to him too?? Bruh?!?!…….He had no value to them anymore……My bet is that for the past few weeks Poppa Joe (President Biden) has been on the phone with PM Davis basically like “My Man……tell me what product you need more of from the U.S.” and it was a done deal. Same type of back-alley deals that were made to get WNBA player Brittney Griner out of a Russian prison and back over to the U.S. (in addition to Russian arms dealer we gave up for her). Now what makes no sense to many is why SBF kept hiding out in the Bahamas like they were going to shield or protect him from the inevitable……He’d have been much better off not doing any tv or YouTube interviews, flying back over to the U.S. and just “lawyering-up” as they say in law enforcement. Oh and for those who want a very keen insight into the kinds of back-alley deals that go on between the U.S. Government and other governments for both us and those governments to get what they want and to avert certain crises?? Checkout the movie Thirteen Days starring Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood and Kevin Culp. It’s a movie that goes into painstaking details about just how “close” the U.S. & Russia came to going to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the great lengths President JFK and AG RFK had to go to in order to prevent it. For those who are curious about the dangers of nuclear war? In addition to looking up the carnage caused by the atomic bombs we dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Japan back in 1945, that movie Thirteen Days revealed that back then Russia had this one nuclear missile that if just ONE had hit the U.S. it would have killed 80 million Americans. And if I’m not mistaken from Cuba it would have taken less than 5 minutes for the missile to get here.

Anyway, checkout the details of what the SEC is charging SBF with……..I think I’ve heard that the DOJ may also be charging him with bank fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud. They’re talking about him spending a minimum of about 70 years in prison (if convicted).