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Lance Thompson
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Very interesting interview yesterday with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary who was a paid spokesperson for FTX who will be called to testify before Congress on the collapse next week.

One of the most important tips he gave was regarding this Circle crypto which as of right now is going for only around $.42 cents per coin and is available for purchase on the U.S. exchanges of and Gemini. Apparently it’s been showing outstanding growth and the best things I can see about it is that there’s only 42.6 Million Circle tokens in circulation AND it’s on the Ethereum Network/Ecosystem which is a HUGE plus. Matic & Chilliz are also on the Ethereum Network/Ecosystem which is why I like those 2 as well. What I have found it that most of the coins that have more than 1 billion in circulation really don’t have as much potential for an increase in value. If you look at Bitcoin there are only 21 million of them in circulation and only 122 million Ethereum in circulation and once Bitcoin halves the circulating supply will be 1/2 the number of tokens that are currently in circulation. That’s a big reason why those 2 tokens have so much potential for growth and Circle has even fewer tokens in circulation than Ethereum!………(just fyi). Nowadays a coin has to have 1 billion or fewer for me to think about putting serious money into it. Now if it’s got 20, 30, 40, 50 billion coins in circulation? I might throw $100 into it. But that’s just my own way of operating. You can always decide what works for you. CoinMarketCap will always disclose the number of tokens in circulation for each particular crypto.

They go into great detail and depth in this interview so you’ll find it quite interesting.