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Lance Thompson
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As promised,

The FTX Senatorial Hearing which was uploaded minutes ago. One thing that gives a few of us a “Whew!!” moment is when Senator Stabenow from Michigan makes note that Ledger X which I didn’t even know was Owned by FTX has been found to have a solvent balance sheet and responsible management…….God is good. Because more than a few have their coins stored on the Ledger Nano X cold storage wallet……I’m quite sure there were measures in place to make sure nothing would have happened to the coins stored on those wallets (or at least that’s my hope) but it’s good for it to be made public by the Senators on this Committee that those who hold their coins in those storage wallets have nothing to worry about.

The Hearing is about 2 & 1/2 hours long so be sure to listen to it when you have time on your hands or check it out while multitasking if multitasking is something you’re good at. Enjoy…………………………