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Lance Thompson
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I know this doesn’t worry most because most of us invested in crypto moved our coins out of whatever exchange they were on and into a cold storage wallet days ago…….(I’m sure most have)……But for anybody who has their coins still sitting on an exchange this move right here has to raise eyebrows because the industry has 2 Shining Stars among exchanges………

1. Coinbase


2. Binance

So if CZ (Founder & CEO of Binance) had done something like this 6 months ago? No big deal……But to do it at a time like right now where people are already jittery about the future of the industry? It makes people wonder……For any of you young people who were too young to invest back during the 2008 Real Estate Market Crash which led to the collapse of Lehman Brothers Bank? That was the first time in MY lifetime where I saw what they were talking about regarding the Wall Street term “contagion”…….Contagion is where the collapse of one of the Big Boys causes the collapse of many other firms throughout the industry simply because so many of those big & small companies have been investing in each other and “lending” each other money. They love becoming creditors to the bigger companies because they consider that a guaranteed loan repayment & profit. So when one of the Big Boys goes down? So do many other companies. They brought Dick Fuld, the CEO of Lehman up on Capitol Hill for a Congressional Hearing back in 2008 after that collapse and Congress announced 2 days ago that Sam Bankman-Fried will be brought up on the Hill for his spanking……I mean “Hearing” sometime in early December……..That’s gonna be bloody……You gonna see some highly upset Congresspeople expressing more than their fair share of anger because not only did many of their constituents lose money, so did many of them!……The underlying sentiment towards SBF??……”You punk mf……I was planning to retire on my FTT coin investment!”

Hopefully this is nothing…….Still will have to keep an eye on it.