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Lance Thompson
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Turns out FTX was incorporated in Antiqua and Barbuda and was headquartered in The Bahamas. So you know how it’s gonna “look” right? It’s gonna reflect poorly on “Us”……It’s going to look like this guy Sam Bankman Fried came down to the Bahamas and setup his scam shop right under the noses of these Bahamian moolleys.

The saving grace?

SBF had also setup the FTX.US website for U.S. users so he had done everything necessary to gain the approval of the U.S. SEC and for you guys down there in the Bahamas you should always point to that……”Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa……Before you go pointing the finger at us, this guy setup his FTX.US website after meeting all of the requirements of the SEC so they look just as bad as us.”

And we all know, the U.S. Government hates being made to look like fools which is why I agree with Bob……Look for heavy U.S. regulations on crypto after this, particularly for exchanges outside of the U.S. Other countries will be joining in with heavier Government oversight as well.