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More on the new developments in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. It is also revealed in this videoclip that the big crypto exchanges FTX & Huobi both recently left Hong Kong and bolted to the Caribbean and don’t forget that Justin Sun, the Chinese Founder of Tron crypto picked up stakes and left China about a year ago and moved to Grenada where he became their World Trade Ambassador for Crypto. And then there’s also several exchanges that have left China AND India to move to Dubai because of the crypto-friendly tax structure there.

Some of y’all sitting there like “That’s why Hong Kong is quickly rethinking their position…..No way in h*ll they’re gonna let Black & Brown people reap all the financial and tax benefits of crypto alone without them getting their piece of the pie”………..I don’t disagree with that one iota……You think they’re gonna sit around and let “the moolleys” reap all the benefits??……….Sheeeeiddddd……….

To all my Africans?? Time for the Continent to implement crypto friendly tax laws in our 54 African countries that attract crypto exchanges and and investors to move there for those same benefits. Time for Africa to “play the game” too!