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Lance Thompson
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Had to watch it multiple times because in this short clip they do cover quite a bit of info regarding the growing distance in policy that’s developing between the City of Hong Kong & Mainland China. It’s very interesting……HK’s Secretary for Financial Services & Treasury says here “Yes, HK is definitely a part of China, but we operate as 1 Country with 2 systems. So we have our own financial system, we have our own currency and that’s why we have our own policies……”……..Sounds like they want to break completely away from Beijing’s restrictions and be free to do their own thing. Sounds like they’re sick of Mainland China honestly.

Question is, will that cause any conflict between the City of HK and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?…..Will be keeping an eye on that because it may cause a rift between HK and the Mainland. But then again it may not cause any conflict whatsoever…….Mainland China just may want to keep an eye on HK as a model for how to implement successful policies of their own based on HK’s example……Lots of countries seem to be looking to the U.S., Dubai and Europe for guidance on how to implement the best laws & policies on crypto.