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This fits what I’ve been reading……Forkast News is reporting right at the 2 minute mark of this video that the Co-Founders of one of India’s biggest crypto exchanges WazirX are both moving to Dubai…..There have been whispers that the youth over in India have been “threatening” that if they don’t implement more crypto-friendly laws that they would pullup stakes and move to countries that are much more crypto-friendly. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are sweet-talking many crypto investors from around the World to setup shop there and it’s working. While India on the other hand in addition to implementing a 30% tax has come out and made the official statement that “While cryptocurrency in India is not illegal, it’s also not legal”…….I know….Just stupid isn’t it?? They’re about to lose millions upon millions of crypto investors if they’re not careful. The Founders of WazirX called their bluff.