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Hello All,

Below is a videoclip for a Congressional Hearing held 2 days ago on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 with several Crypto CEOs to testify on how it would be best for Congress to issue regulations on this growing industry…….Now out of all of the CEOs of course there’s always one who will be the most brilliant and outspoken one and in this case that would be Brian Brooks, the CEO of the crypto mining company Bitfury…..He was an Acting Comptroller of the Currency under the Trump Administration and he is also the former CEO of the Binance/U.S. crypto exchange so he has served on both the regulation and on the crypto exchange side of the industry so he understands deeply how both sides operate and knew how to address the Congresspeople’s questions and concerns……Many of the Congresspeople addressed their questions to him.

The hearing is 5 hours long so you may want to listen to bits & pieces over the next few days to take it all in. But as far as the quality of information shared during this hearing??


Class is in session and you may even want to jot down a few notes as you listen to the exchanges during this session because it becomes obvious that some Congresspeople are highly educated about the industry, and some of our Congresspeople don’t hide the fact that they’re trying to learn about it. You don’t come across this level of expertise everyday, I can tell you that.