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Those that know me know that I am extremely reluctant to buy into conspiracy theories, but I’m willing to entertain this one because Trump and Mnuchin (Treasury Secy under Trump) said that the growth of Bitcoin will take away from the “strength and dominance” of the U.S. Dollar and with Trump he reiterated it recently……And the current Treasury Secy Janet Yellen under Biden keeps coming out and reemphasizing to the Market that Bitcoin has no instrisic value and should not be thought of as “a legal tender”……Her saying it once is 1 thing but she keeps on coming out and repeating it……So Bitcoin definitely seems to make Dollar Hawks feel a tad bit “uncomfortable”…….At the end of the vid Bob points out that ultimately they know they can’t stop the growth of Bitcoin and when push comes to shove the U.S. Treasury will just “buy” a bunch of Bitcoins, but until that time comes they may fight the growth of it for a little while until they strategize how to make BTC be most beneficial for the U.S.