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Lance Thompson
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The FBI just held this press conference a little over an hour ago and this just further cements the case WHY the World needs cryptocurrency…….There will continue to be crypto skeptics out there who will continue to make the case that “Hell, they’d have caught them if the ransom had been paid in fiat currency too, all they’d have had to do is markup the bills”, to which you can quickly reply “Sheeeeeidddddd, you wanna bet?!?! If they had paid them in any Advanced nation’s currency like the U.S. Dollar or the Chinese Yuan or the Euro or the Russian Ruble or the Japanese Yen those hackers would be sitting on a beach in the Mediterranean right now…… PHAT……..probably getting pedicures. If they had paid them in fiat currency what’s to stop them from getting the payment in Russian Rubles, washing the money someplace else and then exchanging it for U.S. Dollars or anything else??…..Marked up bills will only tell international investigators the area where the marked up bills turned up which takes much much much longer to find your culprits or to recover the money…..No way they’d have gotten the money back this fast!”.

Digital will always mean “trackable & traceable”.