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Lance Thompson
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Interview over in India regarding the crypto regulatory environment there was streamed on YouTube a little over an hour ago……Apparently when India’s Government announced “the potential” crypto ban India’s Crypto Community raised holy h*ll which is why the bill for the ban was “tabled”……That combined with the 10X growth of the crypto industry in India has the Government re-thinking how they want to regulate crypto instead.

Why they keep announcing a crypto ban WITHOUT actually banning it makes no sense to me and I know it makes no sense to any of you……But when you look at the way that PM Modi has completely mishandled its 2nd wave of the spread of Covid is anyone surprised??…….I think that his mishandling of Covid also emboldened India’s Crypto Community as well with them more than likely whispering to him behind closed doors “Bruh……You better concentrate on staying in office cause the Mob outside is calling for your head with your failure to rollout an effective vaccine…..You leave crypto alone”.