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An outstanding video to watch from both a stock investor standpoint and from a future employment for young Black people standpoint. This video explains to you Why Malls Are Disappearing in the U.S……Now it’s not so tragic as to make one think that there won’t be ANY jobs left for Black people in this changing America…….No no no no no……OF COURSE there will be jobs for young black people of future generations…….This isn’t a “woe is we” video to make you pessimistic and depressed. It’s a video to get us as a community “ready” for what’s coming from now all the way 30 years into the future. The video explains why even before the Covid pandemic retail/mall jobs were in decline and that was just exacerbated by the pandemic. The main thing to make a note of is that the Malls Of The Future will offer you “a lot more” than Malls Of The Past by adding things to them that malls never used to offer before such as hotels, office buildings with lease space, medical office buildings, fitness centers/gyms, self-storage centers, etc…….Jobs that are in other sectors outside of the traditional mall/retail jobs. They’re calling it “repurposing”.

Now what the up & coming youngins will be “missing” that our generation had when we were coming up in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s is those retail jobs WE ALL HAD when we were coming up back in those days…….All of us started out working our 1st jobs at Sears, Red Lobster, JCPenney, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Macys, Burger King, Nordstroms, Wendys, Rallys, Taco Bell and places like that……Jobs that while they didn’t pay well THEY WERE EASY TO GET that required no formal education, would give you outstanding work experience for the next job, and if you were that laser focused, motivated worker could work your way up to Manager where you were managing 5, 10, 15 stores or restaurants and could command a solid salary before buying your first franchise……For the younger Generation?? Our generation “hates” that you guys aren’t gonna have as much of that available to you as it was to us…….

But that right there is one of the motivations for this website……Can’t just sit around and complain about what’s no longer there for “us”……Black America has to do its own “replacing” of what we see disappearing……