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Okay Good People,

The main thing we’ve been looking for in regards to crypto the past 3 years is what is “emerging” as the future big coins…..Which currencies have the most potential to explode? Well, the 1 area that clearly is emerging is Defi (Decentralized Finance). Now I’ve been paying attention to the guy who runs this KIR Finance Channel on YouTube (Keeping It Real Finance….I know…..corny)…..and I’ve gotta tell you, there’s 1 big thing that I like about the guy who runs the KIR Finance Channel……As I’ve said many times before the #1 Crypto Expert on YouTube in my opinion is the Asian guy Bob from Wisconsin who runs The Crypto Currency News Guy Channel. Why? Because Bob does the hourlong livestreams where people type up their questions during the livestream and Bob answers the questions off the top of his head……Only other guy I’ve seen who answers questions live like that is Jim Cramer on Mad Money on CNBC. So Bob is “winning” in the technical knowledge category.

Well this guy on KIR? What he’s saying “matches” Bob’s thinking regarding who is emerging as the Top 5 or 6 coins to buy in the Defi space and in this video he tells you the reasons “why”……He and Bob do agree on 1 thing……Ethereum definitely faces some serious challenges going forward……Yeah he lists Ethereum but he also talks about the reasons why they’ve got a tough road ahead if they’re going to remain dominant in the Defi space……Enjoy.