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A pretty major development and partnership between Tronix, it's founder Justin Sun and China's National Development and Reform Commission……..Check out the video and read the article………Hard to make heads-or-tails of what exactly this means for both Tron and for cryptocurrencies in China because I thought that China was deadset on keeping cryptocurrencies out of their country and only allowing people to take part in blockchain technology by using their Chinese CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)…….Perhaps they're slowly allowing cryptocurrencies to trickle back in for usage by their citizens??…..OR, perhaps the fact that Justin is from China they're only allowing HIS cryptocurrency to trickle back in for usage by their citizens??……We all know China has been known to play that home country favorites game…..Gotta keep an eye on this and whether or not it ever leads to an increase in the price of the Tron coin.

One last thing to be aware of is this…..Now that Binance is no longer available to U.S. residents the thing that many people have found astonishing is that Tron is not available for purchase on the Binance/U.S. website. And what’s even more mind blowing is that very few “U.S. regulated” crypto exchanges have Tron available for purchase on them. The exception is the Kraken crypto exchange……Logon to and strike up a computer chat with their online customer service reps to find out the coins they have available on their exchange…..Thank God they have Tron.