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This guy who runs the Cryptocurrency News Channel is someone else whose knowledge level about cryptocurrency and how it works is definitely not to be underestimated. Last night he held a livestream Q&A for his 30,000 subscribers and those who follow him……Now later on after about the 1 hour and 15 minute mark he got a little more into giving his opinion about the NBA Championship and the NFL which I thought was silly. I'm quite sure a number of you are just like me……You don't give a frog's fat a$$ about his opinion about sports. You want to hear him share his knowledge and his opinion about crypto. So he should have just "stayed in his lane", but that doesn't mean that this entire video is a waste. 2 parts of the video you'll find quite interesting is right at the 27 minute mark where he talks about how Bitcoin and Ethereum having these high transaction fees IS a problem that will eventually have to be solved…….Then right at the 30 minute mark someone asked him about the new interbank telecommunication system structured for SWIFT that is supposed to speed up interbank financial transactions by late 2022 and whether or not he believes this will kill cryptocurrency growth……You all will remember that I just shared an article about that a week ago…..I think you'll find his answer very interesting to contrast with the opinion of the author of that article.

Enjoy the video as it's very very very informative and loaded with excellent information…………