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An interview with a Senior Commodity Strategist at Bloomberg named Mike McGlone……..

His belief is that Bitcoin will go up 10X over 10 years………..

Dan Morehead who is the CEO & Founder of Pantera Capital sees Bitcoin going up 10X over 1 year………..

I’m not all the way sold on Dan Morehead’s point of view but I’m inclined to believe that a 10X appreciation won’t take 10 years simply because I believe there more than likely come a time period of “heavy speculation” where a bunch of people around the world will be throwing their money into cryptocurrencies like drunken sailors.

Checkout the video and form your own opinion. Enjoy……………….

By the way, the most interesting segment of this video to me is the portion where they begin discussion Decentralized Finance which has come to be known by the shortened acronym of DeFi…..It’s a concept that’s been gaining quite a bit of traction and is being talked about more and more in investor circles lately and there are only 2 crytpocurrencies taking advantage of the DeFi concept and that’s Ethereum (ETH) and Tronix (TRX)…..Tronix was founded by a guy named Justin Sun who is from Xining, China…..What fascinates me so much about Justin and Tronix is that he is bringing DeFi to all parts of Asia including South Korea and Singapore where the potential for growth is intriguing…..The DeFi concept has spawned several new cryptocurrencies that are all under the Tronix DeFi ecosystem such as………

Salmonswap (SAL) – $5.77 per coin
JUST (JST) – $.04 per coin
SUN (SUN) – $22.91 per coin
WIN (WIN) – $.00009 per coin

And of course all of the above fall under Tronix (TRX) – $.0271 per coin

TRX and JST intrigue me the most…..Why?…..The inexpensive prices and the fact that TRX got up to a high of $.38 cents back in 2017 and JST got up to a high of $.09 cents since its launch a few months ago means that both of them have caught the eye of institutional investors as well. Both coins can’t be purchased on the Binance exchange.