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Yeah……below are the e-mails from Mr. Yang to the guy John representing his company that we'll just refer to as the RE Investment Co. of Fast-Talkers, and then John's text messages directly to me……….Tell me if you don't sense any "anger" in the tone of his text messages to me…..Like I said, John seemed to have an attitude like "Oh you're gonna accept our terms and no matter how many times you tell me that your attorney speaks for you, I'll talk to you whenever I want!"……….Whatever you say Man……(sarcasm)…….For some reason or another he had an attitude like "Even though I approached you asking to buy the house, we're gonna do things MY WAY cause I'm the authority here, not you"…….If you say so…….(more sarcasm)……..


Mr. Yang's "official" e-mail to John this morning………


Mr. Thompson has considered REICFT's offer, but he is not interested in entering into a subject-to conveyance. However, he is willing to sell the property outright for $120,000 through a traditional conveyance. If that is agreeable, please let me know"


John's e-mail reply back to Mr. Yang………..

"No problem. We aren't always the right fit so have a good day. The property isn't worth that in the condition it's in considering neighboring comps."


John's immediate text message to me………..

"honestly you could have just told me you didn't want to do it and not have me wait 2.5 weeks for an answer. no worries tho…..well wishes"


My 1 text message back to John and when I say one I only replied once it was because I saw no need to keep on repeating myself and going back-n-forth with him……What do you have to say to people when you get into arguments with them online??……"Let's just agree to disagree"………

"Sorry you feel that way……Hate to be technical but you only would have had to wait a week & 1/2 if my attorney hadn't been about to go out of town when I first retained him. And believe it or not I was going to do the deal provided everything was straightforward and above board. After my attorney's review of the deal I found out just how terrible a deal it would have been for me. I don't have any hard feelings. I hope you don't either. If you guys are ever interested in buying the property outright at the $120,000 asking price though give me a call…..I would strongly suggest that if you're gonna do that to do it in 2020 because the asking price will go up in 2021. Don't take things not working out that specific way personal John. It's nothing against you, it's just business. I will only part ways with that property for a deal that is most advantageous to me……If you owned it you would too. The door is always open for the right deal".


John's final text back to me and like I said, having "The last word" seemed really really really really important to him so I let him have it…………….

"no worries no hard feelings, you say it's a terrible deal but we are making it into a cash producing asset but your attorney doesn't understand the subject-to process, which my attorney was going to explain to him with the contract set forth. when you're misinformed then you lose out on opportunity. have a good day. no hard feelings. I hope you're able to get what you want for it but if anything changes let us know. have a blessed day."


Some of y'all sitting there like "All right dude… they used to say on the streets back in the Old Days…….Love……Peace……& Hairgrease!"……Ha!! 🙂