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Just saw this Cat who came in 1st Place in the 2018 Heartland Poker Tour on tv by the name of Maurice Hawkins…..He's an outstanding poker player out of Plantation, Florida…..He's a Florida boy. After I read "the headline" about the brother being sued by one of his backers I STARTED not to share this because I assumed that he was a scammer who didn't deserve recognition….then after reading through the whole story I found that when the brother got sued he didn't run & hide and he didn't make excuses. He came out and gave HIS SIDE of the story, made it publicly known that he is in the process of paying his financial backer back, straightened out where they had a misunderstanding and his financial backer "publicly backed him up" on his claim.

For all of my brothers out there?? Always do business like Maurice Hawkins…..Always be honest, always be straight-up, always take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your mistakes, always make EVERY EFFORT to pay what you owe, don’t go through this life of yours always “pointing fingers” at other people for your mistakes, always have the motto that “Okay, I made a few mistakes here but now I’m gonna make this right”, and always make sure that the public understands that as they say up in NYC that "Your word is bond". When you do business like that people respect you and your reputation will precede you…..Maurice Hawkins?? That Cat is a "baller".

Phil Ivey
David Williams
Maurice Hawkins

3 of the best black poker players on the planet.