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Lance Thompson
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And even MORE good news NABPM that the South Korean Government has "officially" approved cryptocurrency trading, just with extra regulation imposed on cryptocurrency exchanges there. This article just came out 5 hours ago. And for those wondering "Well why did Bitcoin shootup when India's Supreme Court lifted the banking ban on cryptocurrency exchanges yesterday??"……Because of the number of people there……(1.3 Billion people in India are now free to trade cryptocurrencies). For those who own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, what's the hope & prayer?? That China will now soften its stance on cryptocurrency trading which would expose another 1.4 Billion people on the planet to crypto.

Now that India has decided to expose their 1.3 Billion citizens to cryptocurrency, that definitely changes the price projection for Bitcoin…..I can only speculate but I'm thinking that $110,000 per Bitcoin is no longer "out of reach"……I have no expertise in speculating that it'll go up that high but hell, Wall Street will speculate all over the place and a lot of the so-called "experts" coming on CNBC & Bloomberg don't know how high it's going either. Ha!!!  🙂