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Lance Thompson
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Hello All,

My apologies for just now sending this article out to you but it's an excellent account of all new government regulations being proposed on cryptocurrencies for multiple advanced economies. It shows what is being proposed by the United States, China, Germany, Australia, India and Switzerland. The thing that I've been learning is this…..the Commissioner for the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission is a woman by the name of Hester Pierce and from what I've been reading about her she is "extremely" cryptocurrency friendly in her stances and views. She believes in this innovation and has stated that publicly at several Congressional hearings.

As far as any new legislation being proposed by President Trump & Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin??…..It's all translating into this…..Tough-talk…..Soft legislation. Everything that they are proposing is geared toward keeping "criminals" from using cryptocurrencies for nefarious purposes. Other than that, John Q. Taxpayer and Jane Q. Taxpayer (people like you & me) who want to use it for law-abiding purposes are in the clear… long as we report any profit from them on our taxes. Enjoy the article.