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This appears to be the 1st public explanation for what has led to the recent spike in the price of Bitcoin……apparently large clustered orders for March Bitcoin futures have been coming in on a crypto exchange called OKEx leading market analysts to believe that this rally is mostly Asian-centric….that's very very interesting. Why? Because OKEx is based in Malta which is a European country located in the Central Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa. When Mainland China came through shutting down cryptocurrency exchanges back in 2017 a number of the founders of those closed down exchanges fled China and reopened their exchanges in Malta. The founder of Binance fled China when that crackdown took place back in 2017. Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the World. Where is it headquartered now?


Somebody was saying on Bloomberg that China's attempts to stop the purchases and trading of cryptocurrencies would be unsuccessful and it appears that prediction is turning out to be right.


Breaking This Line Could Cause Bitcoin to Turn Parabolic and Rally 1000%