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Well will ya lookey here??…….In late 2017 China put a ban on all cyptocurrency exchanges on the Mainland and would allow no cryptocurrency to be purchased using the Chinese yuan…..Now that they're about to launch their own competing cryptocurrency they do a 180 degree about-face and came out a couple of days ago hailing Bitcoin as a successful example of blockchain technology.

They're a trip…………..And now several finance experts in the investing community here in the U.S. are asking on CNBC and Bloomberg if our government should launch a U.S. backed cryptocurrency to compete with China's new cryptocurrency. All of that after Trump trashed cryptocurrencies too in that tweet several months ago…….(which I still believe was mainly aimed at stopping Facebook from launching Libra after they banned Alex Jones of InfoWars and Milo Yiannopoulos from their social media platform…..those are 2 right-wing conservative conspiracy theorists who helped launch & promote a bunch of false conspiracy theories on his behalf back in 2015 and 2016……he's had a hard-on for sticking it to Facebook ever since they did that).