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Lance Thompson
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Okay Bitcoin is up +$1,136 to $8,627 as I type up this message today on Friday after falling down as low as $7,482 yesterday on Thursday. You thought it was over and that it was about to capitulate down to $5,000…..$4,000 or $3,000 didn't you??………..I don't blame you, I DID TOO.

We all know from having seen movies like The Big Short, Margin Call and Wall Street that those big Wall Street banks DO talk to each other about what their next move is. But one thing that a real-life banker who came on Bloomberg a little while back said is that while them talking to each other was included in those movies, the thing to be aware of is those big banks and big institutions don't TRUST each other. They burn each other all the time.

I'm suspicious that that's what just went down with the latest dip & jump…..I think that a couple of institutions may have "faked each other out"……one of them dumped their Bitcoin that got brought up in huge blocks by another institution this morning driving it up over $1,000.

It's a dirty game out there y'all.