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Lance Thompson
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Is Bitcoin headed to $10,000?…….I don't know…..But what I DO know is this…..With it's current price of $8,264 it's definitely in an "uptrend" and I'm 10,000% sure that Bitcoin's role in helping to bustup and takedown that South Korean child pornography website has everything to do with the current uptrend. Don't look now brothers & sisters but Bitcoin may be headed upward toward "the point of no return" where 1 Bitcoin being available at a price below $10,000 may be a thing of the past….(a distant memory).

Facebook CEO & Founder Mark Zuckerburg will be testifying before Congress on Wednesday, October 23rd regarding Facebook's Libra digital currency plans (exactly 2 days from now) and don't think for a second that Bitcoin's role in busting that child pornography ring isn't gonna come up during that hearing as an excellent example of what Bitcoin can do to help solve crimes and catch criminals.

This may be IT y'all.