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Lance Thompson
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Yeah…….Dr. Nouriel Roubini, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin & President Trump have all publicly squawked about how Bitcoin is used to transact crimes committed by terrorists, money launderers and other criminals…..Well as it turns out Bitcoin transactions were actually used to track criminals who were paying for membership on a child pornography website on the dark web run by a 23 year old guy who lived in South Korea who has now been arrested and jailed. There are also 337 members of that website called Welcome To Video who were tracked when they paid for their memberships using Bitcoin and have now been arrested. I believe 93 of them lived here in the U.S. and 2 of the U.S. residents when notified by the FBI that they had been caught committed suicide…..(think both of them were here in the DC Area if I'm not mistaken). Is this actually what's going to turn it around for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies??……Wish I knew…..but I am sure that this is the reason why Bitcoin is up +$75.00 today and I'm also sure that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are quite pleased with how this Chainalysis software can be used as their ally to solve crimes committed using Bitcoin.