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Lance Thompson
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Good people,

For those who have seen the movie The Social Network which is the true story of how the Facebook website & company was created by Mark Zuckerburg you'll remember the twins Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss who allege that Facebook was originally their idea that was stolen by Zuckerburg. I say "allege" because although they sued Mr. Zuckerburg the case was eventually settled out of court with what is rumored to have been a payment of $65 million to the twins and their business partner and fellow Harvard classmate Divya Narenda. Well as it turns out the Winklevoss twins were 2 of the original investors in Bitcoin and in addition to that they have founded a cryptocurrency exchange called Gemini whose slogan is "The regulated cryptocurrency exchange". Apparently these guys got in Bitcoin back in around 2012 when it was between $8 & $9 and today that original investment is rumored to have made the 2 of them billionaires.


I don't know about anyone else but with the bankruptcy of Cryptopia I definitely plan to take a look at Gemini as a cryptocurrency exchange and see what all crypto they have available for purchase on there because with it being based here in the U.S. and advertised as "regulated" I feel a little more confident buying cryptocurrencies on their exchange. Enjoy the interview………………