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Lance Thompson
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Just fyi good people…..Cryptopia has gone bankrupt and is being liquidated by the New Zealand Court System in conjunction with the Court of the Southern District of New York (SDNY). On Cryptopia’s website it says that the liquidation is expected to take months. As of now I don’t know what to expect or whether or not to expect any of my digital tokens to be returned.

Not even gonna lie, this sucks. Thankfully I bought the majority of the tokens I own on Binance which is still up & running…(knock on wood).

We’ll see how this turns out.

The lesson learned from all of this? I’ll never buy another cryptocurrency token on an overseas exchange ever again! From now on I stick with buying on U.S. exchanges only because those exchanges have to meet the standards, the capital requirements and the cybersecurity requirements of the U.S. government…..the toughest governing body on the planet to appease.