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Lance Thompson
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Well, I do have good news……As of today, Thursday, March 7th the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia is back up & running. I went in and checked and thankfully I lost zero of any of the cryptocurrencies I own on that exchange.


Anyway, crypto exchanges have a ways to go to earn “public trust” from big institutions when it comes to them being hack-proof. Whenever you watch discussions on CNBC, Bloomberg or on the Crypto Trader channel on YouTube & you hear those being interviewed say that there are still “custodial concerns about crypto exchanges” that’s exactly what they’re talking about……cryptocurrency exchanges making themselves secure enough that they are no longer hackable by cyber thiefs.

I will continue to hold my crypto in my electronic wallets on the Cryptopia website simply because I am of the belief that now that they’ve been hacked that they’ve been left with no choice but to reinforce their website security so strongly that it’ll be next to impossible to ever hack them again.

The rest of the exchanges out there better invest the money needed in strong cyber security so that we see a lot less of this going forward because they’re going to need public trust & confidence if they want cryptocurrencies to shoot up in value again.