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Crypto Kirby

Yeah…..had been developing a feeling based on the price action that Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies period have been showing the last few weeks since the G-20 Summit that they’re about to take a really bearish turn. Not that there was any bad news that came out of the summit, it was the fact that the good news that came out about Ohio being the 1st U.S. state to accept cryptocurrency payments seemed to make cryptocurrencies jump temporarily, but Bitcoin specifically held at the $3,900 point for a few days & then broke to the downside once again. So that got me to searching around YouTube for some “technical analysis” on the Bitcoin charts & that’s where I found this guy, Crypto Kirby.

Don’t know the guy, don’t belong to his VIP Trading Group so I don’t follow his trades in real-time like his VIP members do, but I have watched several of his YouTube tutorials & from having watched those tutorials I can tell you 1 thing for d*mn sure…….HE’S VERY GOOD…..he’s very very good at what he does. He’s a full-time technical chart analyst & a full-time cryptocurrency trader & this guy KNOWS his stuff. So based on what he’s teaching I’m staying out of the cryptocurrency market “for now”. In great detail in these 2 videos he explains all of the reasons why not only does he believe Bitcoin will bust downward through its current level of $3,400 as of today, December 11th, but he also explains in detail how he is of the strong belief that Bitcoin will drop to around $1,800 & quite possibly from there could end up going down to $800 and maybe even as low as $500.

Now I don’t know how any of you good people view that kind of capitulation, some don’t have the stomach for it, but I view it as a very very strong buying opportunity. I just don’t want to buy in too soon. So what I’m doing now is tuning in to Crypto Kirby’s YouTube tutorials & I strongly suggest that you consider doing the same. He comes out with a new video about once every few hours & he has a ton of good technical knowledge to share as you’ll see when you watch these videos. I believe he knows what he’s talking about.