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Yeah………here’s the text of an e-mail that was just sent out by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad on this morning, Thursday, September 20th, 2018. Enjoy.

The question I’m asked most is about crypto and people wondering if they should care about it.

There is so much DIS-information that it is hard for anyone to KNOW anything about this new asset. But that is what cryptocurrencies are… assets.

And assets put money IN your pockets. So… yeah. Better learn about crypto.

When I talk with Jeff Wang – the smartest crypto guy I know – he says Crypto is…

What the airplane was in the 1930’s
What Rock-n-roll was in the 1950’s
What the internet was in the 1980’s
What the smart phone was in the 2000’s

In other words, crypto is one the biggest, most innovative movements we may ever see in our lifetime. And that’s simply because…

Crypto is going to change MONEY!

So, what do you think? Should you take the time and energy to learn about something that is changing money? And in changing money, changes our whole life, society and culture?

Imagine what will happen if you don’t? You could lose everything you’ve been working for. Now imagine you do learn. You are lucky to be alive because you are at the birth of a new asset class. That’s like being alive at the Big Bang or creation… the birth of gold.

The problem is the media is not honest about it… or ignorant.

Crypto currencies are the secret weapon on front lines of the currency wars. It’s called a currency war because people will literally live or die based on the outcomes. And when it comes to cryptocurrency outcomes…

The potential profits are HUGE!

So, do I care about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?
You bet I do!