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Good people,

Below is a link for each state in the U.S. and exactly how many gaming properties they have in each state. Gaming properties would include casinos, horse tracks, dog tracks, etc. When I talked about playing poker that is “totally different” from other types of casino games like Blackjack, 21, Roulette, Craps, electronic slot machines and others. Whenever I enter a casino I remain “restricted” to poker & poker only where I’m playing only against “other people”, not the house. The old adage that “The house always wins” is true in the rest of those games, but doesn’t apply to poker. That’s always something to bear in mind. Checkout the link for the list of gaming properties in the state where you reside………..always play “responsibly”, and remember to always be in the habit of getting up and GOING HOME when the money runs out. If you get bounced off the table or get bounced out of a tournament and have to wait for 2 weeks, a month or 2 months before you have the money to come back? That’s the way it goes!! Losing simply is a part of playing poker. If you can’t handle “the swings”, meaning the downs as well as the ups then you would be better suited never playing the game.


Want you to think real long and hard about that.