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Lance Thompson
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Yeah, no problem Reg. You know, when you listen to these comments by this white conservative Reverend Jamie Johnson who had to resign from the Department of Homeland Security because of these comments, while initially it may make you mad…..listen to the “whole” of his comments and what he’s saying in its entirety. He mentions here some of the sentiments expressed to him by black Jamaicans and Africans who feel like American blacks suffer from laziness and an unwillingness to work hard to reach our goals. Now I know that what he’s saying there regarding that sentiment toward American blacks by Jamaicans and Africans is true because I have heard some of those sentiments expressed by some of our Jamaican and African brothers and sisters firsthand, and on more than one occasion…….as have many of you. My ex is from the Ibo tribe of Nigeria and she and her parents used to express that sentiment to me quite often. So I know that Reverend Jamie Johnson is telling the truth on that.

The problem is that he’s making the 1 mistake that white conservatives ALWAYS make…….they NEVER account for the bigotry, discrimination and racism that takes place on a daily basis against many American blacks like the racism that I outlined in this lengthy e-mail. And whenever white conservatives DO acknowledge the discrimination that we face everyday they always say something like “Well it’s always easy to complain about it. You guys never actually DO anything about it though”.

Well that’s the entire purpose of the NABPM…….to DO something about the discrmination black and brown people face and encounter in real estate. For future reference, any of you black people ever hear any complaints from ANYBODY that’s white about the National Association of Black Property Managers regarding whether there’s a need for this organization or about “How would you react if you saw a bumper sticker that said National Association of White Property Managers?” or “How would you react if you saw a bumper sticker that said National Association of Jewish Property Managers?”, you should immediately shoot back with “Op!!!……..Op!!!……Op!!!…….Op!!!…….You all are always griping, moaning and complaining that black people only sit around and complain about discrimination and racism but that we never DO something about it. The NABPM has been assembled to give us a fighting chance against the racism and discrimination that we face in real estate. This IS us doing something about it. So I don’t want to hear you griping when we TAKE ACTION!! Now we’re DOING something about it…….so go somewhere and have a seat.”