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Lance Thompson
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Okay good people,

Just had a conversation with my realtor this afternoon regarding the climate between banks and real estate investors with this new banking-friendly regulatory environment under President Trump. As I suspected she told me that with the assault on the Dodd-Frank Banking law by the White House with the "easing back on enforcement", with the withholding of federal funds from the government agencies that enforce the Dodd-Frank law, and with the appointment of banking friendly government regulators, that realtors ARE beginning to see banks come up with creative ways to "get around" the 20% down payment requirement for the purchase of rental properties mandated by Dodd-Frank.

She hasn't told me how "much" lower than the 20% requirement she's seeing, whether it's 15% down, 10% down, 5% down, 3% down or less but I do hope to find that out soon. I would imagine that your CREDIT SCORE would probably have a lot to do with how much you can negotiate a lending institution to lower the requirement…….but the good news for US is that we are beginning to see banks change their policies on down payments.

That's outstanding news for all of us.

Lower down payment requirements means more properties that you can buy and rent….outstanding news indeed.