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A statement just put out by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell yesterday. He may be dead serious, or he may just be “playing politics” while Republicans are secretly negotiating behind-the-scenes with Senate Democrats. You never know what’s going on “behind closed doors” on Capitol Hill. Quite often Congresspeople or Senators are saying 1 thing in public but saying something totally different in private when they meet with their colleagues. At the end of the day, if they come up with a “compromise bill”, it still has to be a bill that President Trump is willing to sign and won’t veto. So even if they put together a bill, it may get the veto 2 or 3 times before they put together a bill that Trump will agree to. Anyway, check out the article at the link below………………….

And be advised that if the Senate never passes a banking bill “ever” which I think is highly unlikely…….(I mean they’ve got to pass SOMETHING in an effort to show American voters that they are assisting the duly-elected President in achieving his agenda, otherwise they may pay a heavy price in the 2018 midterms)…….even if the Senate never passes a banking bill, President Trump and his banking-friendly appointed regulators will still be attacking Dodd-Frank from the other end by holding back on enforcement of the Dodd-Frank law and by starving the government agencies that enforce Dodd-Frank of any funding. There are “many ways” for a sitting U.S. President to weaken a law that he doesn’t like.