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The real-life Keith Gill who setup the YouTube channel called Roaring Kitty and who also had the Reddit page called DeepFuckingValue (excuse the language) who was later portrayed as the main character in the movie Dumb Money. One funny part of the movie and one serious part of the movie to think about.

#1. Without giving too much of the movie away?? Keith has a very annoying younger brother in the movie named Kevin played by Pete Davidson from Saturday Night Live who’s always doing things to make Keith want to strangle him. Well when Keith first started his YouTube channel here he is living in Boston working for Mass Mutual with a Wife and an infant daughter he’s struggling to provide for and while explaining the reasons why he likes the GameStop stock on his channel he’s got these annoying people coming up in the comment section of his channel cussing at him with all kinds of vulgar usernames and language. Well there’s this 1 commenter with the username “Ballz” who keeps coming up on his page calling him “NERD” and also typing in the comments “Squeeze my ballz!” and other nasty posts. Well one day when Keith and Kevin are in the backseat of Mom & Dad’s car on their way somewhere they’re having a bitter sibling argument as siblings often do, and Kevin just so happens to be holding his cellphone and while he’s looking at it Keith peeks over at it and sees that he’s logged onto YouTube under the username Ballz……..Keith said “You’re Ballz???” and he started smacking his brother who then started hitting him back and right before they come to blows their Father had to smack both of them and said “Cut it out!!!”………THAT was the funniest part of the movie to me because all of us with siblings have had more than a few of those arguments that sometimes turns heated.

#2. The most serious part of the movie to think about is that this guy was a lone YouTube user with maybe a couple hundred followers who went on that site and explained “With strong conviction and brilliant reasoning” the reasons why he felt like the Wall Street Hedge Funds who were shorting GameStop’s stock “Got it wrong”……..Gabe Plotkin was a Wall Street Hedge Fund Owner of a company called Melvin Capital with a net worth of about $4-$5 Billion who had “shorted” GameStop with nearly all that his Hedge Fund had who was watching Keith Gill on YouTube while condenscendingly calling him an idiot because while Keith was “going long”, Gabe was “going short” with the stock. Because of this grassroots movement that Keith started, his followers on YouTube shot up to a few million, GameStop’s stock shot up from $3.85 to up over $500 a share and Gabe Plotkin was forced to “borrow” $7 Billion to buy back all of the GameStop stock he had shorted and subsequently Melvin Capital had to declare bankruptcy. Now he has other businesses and business interests, in fact he and another investor bought “the majority stake” in the Charlotte Hornets from Michael Jordan earlier in 2023 so it’s not like he’s “homeless”. But the point is this……..Because of Keith Gill’s grassroots movement?? Multiple Wall Street Hedge Firms have formed a Division that scours YouTube, Reddit and multiple other websites looking for the next Keith Gill. So if that’s what Wall Street is doing?? Nothing wrong with us doing it too. If you ever come across a small-time stock investor anywhere that has very very brilliant logic for how he or she picks stocks?? Don’t hesitate to share.

One final note regarding the movie that I think you may find interesting……They highlighted the 3 institutional investors in the movie which was Steve Cohen of Point72 Asset Management, Gabe Plotkin of Melvin Capital and Kenneth Griffin of Citadel Capital and of a side note they showed Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt who are the 2 co-founders of Robinhood. Well Steve Cohen who of course was played by Vincent D’Onofrio?? He’s the Owner of the N.Y. Mets…..(the Major League Baseball team).