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Lance Thompson
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Last clip I’m gonna share about this subject…..I think that Jim Cramer from CNBC summarizes the Sam Bankman-Fried interview up very accurately in this 3 & 1/2 quick minutes……SBF spent a good deal of his interview time talking about “his intent” and also talking about how there were things taking place within FTX “he wasn’t aware of” and as Cramer points out, that’s irrelevant. I’ll have to go back and look at the records but I seem to remember that Ken Lay from Enron stated a similar defense when Enron collapsed and that guy took his final breath in a prison cell so good luck with that one.

Take notice that he wants to try to litigate his case from the Bahamas cause he knows the second he steps foot on U.S. soil they’ll be slapping a brand new pair of handcuffs on him fresh off the assembly line. Thus the reason why it was so important for Bahamian authorities to catch him while he attempted to escape to Dubai where they have no extradition agreement with the U.S……..He can’t feel even slightly secure there in the Bahamas (and he shouldn’t)…….They’ll buy-&-sell his 1970s Afro wearing a## faster than an Usain Bolt 100-Yard Dash…….And for nothing more than a ham sandwich……..Metaphorically?? I don’t doubt if Harvey Dent isn’t somewhere talking to The Dark Knight right now about bringing him back here just like Lau the Accountant when Batman said “If I get him here can you get him to talk??”………..”I’ll get him to sing!!”

There’s no way he feels secure on that island…..He has to be looking over his shoulder and I bet he’s having a tough time sleeping anymore than a couple of hours a night…………..